As part of the first exhibitions, we hosted a programme of free workshops. I think it’s worth keeping/expanding this text as it provides context. It would be wonderful to include info on feedback you’ve received & why/how you plan to move this forward. Is it correct to think about this page as a virtual ‘creative pack’?



Sit & Knit


Sit & Knit sessions are for anyone with basic knitting skills to come along to view the exhibition and spend a couple of hours knitting with us. Using simple patterns we’ll work together to make special items that will be donated to local hospitals to clothe and use as comforters for babies who have died. All materials will be provided and both lone knitters and members of knitting groups are very welcome.

Memory Pots


This creative workshop is for parents or grandparents who have experienced the loss of a child/grandchild at any age (including babies).  They are invited to attend a free pottery class where there will be the opportunity to make and personalise a pot to remember this child and to reconnect with precious memories. This could be a pot item to keep at home, or perhaps a gift to leave at a child’s burial site or special memory place. No prior experience of pottery is needed; a tutor from The Art House and members of the exhibition team will be on hand to walk attendees through the process. 

Lasting Impressions


This workshop is for anyone who has experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy or after birth who would like the opportunity to remember their baby. All family members (including children) are welcome. Participants are asked to bring memory objects to talk about in small groups.  After chatting about their items they will be invited to make an ‘impression’ of these objects using paper and/or rubbing techniques.  With permission we’ll take photos of the impressions and add these to a special photo-board alongside other lasting impressions produced by parents and families for the exhibition.