The artwork in the exhibition has been produced collaboratively.

Dr Kate Reed (Project Lead), Dr Julie Ellis (Research Associate) and Dr Elspeth Whitby (Project Co-Investigator) from The University of Sheffield have worked with British Institute of Radiology artist in residence, Hugh Turvey HonFRPS to put together the exhibition. They have teamed up with sound artist Justin Wiggan to develop his Life Echo work as part of the exhibition.


The exhibition team is partnering with charities to tour the exhibition in different parts of the UK during 2018.

Teardrop is a voluntary organisation under the auspices of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. It is affiliated to SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) and supports bereaved parents and relatives of babies who have been lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or termination of pregnancy because of fetal abnormality. We are working with Teardrop to tour the Remembering Baby exhibition in Gateshead.


The research team has gratefully received support from the following individuals and organisations:

The Economic and Social Research Council | funding provided for both research and exhibition (award number: ES/M010732/1)

The End of or Start of Life? project advisory group | support and guidance provided to the research team during the project.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital | assistance provided to the research team during the project.

Lee Simmons | graphic-design for the exhibition

Alison Wright PR | support provided with publicity for the exhibition

BOM (Birmingham Open Media) | kindly loaned their Life Echo Pods for use in the exhibition.

OOHSCREEN  | kindly loaned their media player for the exhibition.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals | assistance provided to the research team during the project.

Sarah Alwin | Sit & Knit workshop coordinator.

The following individuals have helped with materials for the exhibition or provided support with set up: Tina Corker, John Ellis,  Kerry Marston-Giroux, Artemi Kyriacou, Ray McCann, Janet Miles, Gill Ryder and Leo McCann.